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I Can't Wait To Work With You!

Thank you so much for your interest in booking with Little Lamb Photography! At this time we are so happy to announce that we are not charging for profit!! So what that means is you only pay if you have specific requests such as studio use or props that you would like us to purchase on your behalf! Otherwise your session is free! We do accept tips if you feel inclined but these are not expected or required.


The studio ranges from $30-$75 depending on which one is available at the selected time frame as we rotate between 3 local studios. You are welcome to bring any props you would like to your session, or for a hassle free experience we can purchase items for you and send you an invoice for the balance. Any session fees accrued must be paid no less than 7 days BEFORE your session date to ensure studio availability and adequate time to purchase props. 

Book by clicking the link or choosing an option below 


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